Stallion Funding is a private real estate finance company that specializes in providing real estate loans from $100,000 to $5 million.
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The Beginning

Our Approach

It started in 2007, with one loan and one investor. Vincent Balagia, our Founder and CEO, had identified a new opportunity for private investors: direct loans. The direct loan model proved to be a stable and consistent investment.

Today, things are a little different (increased volume will do that) but the overall strategy remains the same. Vincent knew that building an experienced team of seasoned industry leaders would pay dividends in the future. Our clients’ success have shown his instincts were right.

The Beginning

Who we are

Our capital is secured from the Stallion Texas Real Estate Fund, as well as a network of private lenders, enabling us to make quick decisions to fund real estate projects. The Stallion team understands real estate and has experience in all major property types.
We have funded more than $400 million of real estate transactions in Texas alone. Since 2007, our emphasis continues to be funding loans which banks and other sources have difficulty financing because of timing, complexity, or other factors.
The Beginning


With a focus on sustaining long-term partnerships, Stallion Funding utilizes its network of business relationships. We concentrate on geographic areas where we have previously invested and have local market knowledge. Again, our emphasis is on investments that banks and other funding sources have difficulty financing because of timing, complexity or other factors.
Stallion Funding recognizes that there is a significant number of individual investors who would like a portion of their portfolio invested in a professionally managed real estate development project, but for whom a minimum investment threshold of $10 million is simply impractical.
The commitment to providing you an avenue to invest in these historically higher performing opportunities is at the core of Stallion Funding’s existence.